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Steel fixer’s drawings

The steel fixer’s drawings are rather complex and include a wide variety of details. The intention of this book is to present all the phases of the detailing procedure therefore, the samples of the steel fixer’s drawings include a number of details. However, these details are only a part of the details that should normally accompany the drawings.
The number of the construction details that are part of the final design drawings of a building depends upon the size and the complexity of the work as well as upon the experience of the construction team. Many of the construction details usually met in practice are included in the various chapters and can be used as an example for the practically unlimited cases that one may be called to face.

The symbols of the steel fixer’s drawings have been analyzed in the previous chapters. Therefore below are mentioned only the titles of the drawings:


     FORMWORK of the BASEMENT’S SLAB (Drawing R.30)


     FORMWORK of the GROUND FLOOR’S SLAB (Drawing R.40)

     FORMWORK of the MEZZANINE’S SLAB (Drawing R.50)

One can download the above drawings here.