Buildinghow is committed to disseminate its vast expertise to fellow worldwide engineers.

 Buildinghow mainly focuses on the new generation of engineers, our young colleagues aspiring to design smart, safe and economically efficient structures.

In the words of Sir Ove Arup back in 1969, we want to make them feel that their work is “…interesting and rewarding…” and not - quoting Henri Ford- , “a necessary evil…” looking at “…modern technology to reduce it to a minimum”.

Moreover, Buildinghow considers that in engineering, theory should be complemented by visual experience and therefore has produced “individual teaching materials” , to be used in courses related (dealing with) concrete design and detailing as well as earthquake resistance design.

We are aiming our educational tools and material to two more or less distinct audiences. On one hand, Universities, Polytechnics and technical Colleges and on the other, practicing engineers.


Educational Establishments

We have designed a programme to provide support to tertiary education institutions regarding the following categories:

Free educational Material

We provide licenses to use special training versions of our publications (texts and figures) in lectures, seminars, books and other educational purposes.

Educational Software

We provide multiple copies of training versions of the software, in special prices, to Universities and Technical Colleges.

Tertiary Education teaching staff

We consider that in the context of an eventual involvement of Buildinghow in a Tertiary Education institution, it would be extremely helpful to organize round-table presentations to familiarize university teaching staff of any grade with our publications and software.



As continuous education is nowadays essential for engineers to be able to follow technology progress and developments, Buildinghow has also worked-out a series of seminars addressed to the practicing engineer. These seminars aim at familiarizing the fellow engineers with the philosophy of the new Codes and, at the same time, explain and illustrate the benefits in terms of safety and economy in using the Buildinghow publications and software.

We hold, after arrangements, seminars in every city and country, presented by experienced engineers of the professional practice and university professors.

The subjects dealt are the following:

(1) The history and philosophy of the Eurocodes

(2) Structural detailing for earthquake resistant buildings

(3) Structural design of earthquake resistant buildings

(4) Framework construction of earthquake resistant buildings